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Camelian Skatewheels
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ABEC-3 Good Skate Bearing

This ABEC-3 bearing is an all around bearing for most skaters. Does the job well. Lowest price anywhere. $12.50 per pack of eight

ABEC-5 Better Skate Bearing

This ABEC-5 bearing is an excellent quality bearing used in the majority of higher priced skates. You'll know you have these bearings on your skates! Great price $15.50 per pack of eight

ABEC-7 Best Skate Bearing

This ABEC-7 bearing is the the top of the line. Listen to the pros or try these bearings to feel the fantastic difference they make to smooth forward movement. Lowest ever price $20.00 per pack of eight

Outside Spacer / Reducer

These spacers reduce the size of a standard 608 skate bearing to 1/4 " to accommodate standard axles. For use with inline wheels for luggage and Travelpro case. Requires 2 pieces. Price each $0.50

Standard Skate Wheel Axles

Standard steel axles for skate wheels. Have a few extra on hand. Price each $1.00

Allen Wrench for Skates

Standard steel wrench for wheels. Get two, one for each side. Price each $0.50

Inside Standard Steel Skate Wheel Spacers

Standard steel spacers for wheels. Have a few extra on hand. Price each $0.50

Inside Standard Nylon Skate Wheel Spacers

Standard plastic spacers for wheels. Have a few extra on hand if you are an avid skater. Price each $0.50

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